Given that Step 1 is a gender specific program, only treating male clients, the treatment admission prioritization for Step 1 Inc. is in the following order:

1. Injection drug users
2. All Others

Pregnant injection drug users and pregnant substance abusers are referred to programs in the community that serve the female population.

How Do I Apply?

1. You can come in person to Step 1 at 1015 N. Sierra St. to fill out an application.
2. You can write a letter requesting an application.
3. You can download, print and fill out the application from the link below.

What Happens Next?

1. Once your application is received in person, by fax or mail, it will be reviewed & scored to determine your eligibility.
2. If you arrive in person, Step 1 will notify you  within 24-48 hours after reviewing your application if you have been accepted into the program or if you are being referred, to an agency in the community that can better meet your needs.
3.  Otherwise, all inquiries will receive written notification within 24-48 hours.  Do not have family call us!  Due to confidentiality laws, we are not able to give them any information about you.


Before admittance all clients must be 72 hours substance/alcohol free.
Clients that are felons are required to register with the local authorities. Step 1 will send you to get registered once admitted.
Be sure to have all non-narcotic prescription medications filled, and have an adequate amount for the duration of your stay.


Saturday Only – 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m.  Children must be supervised and remain on the main floor.  All visitors must be clean and sober to enter the facility.

Technology Use

Phone calls are permitted at designated times.  The house phone can be used for local incoming and outgoing calls, no long distance.  Cell phones are permitted in designated areas and at designated times.  No cell phone use on the main floor.  When listening to music, please use your ear buds!

No computers, laptops, or tablets allowed on premises.

Smoking Policy

Smoking permitted in designated off-site areas only.