Step 1 provides supportive transitional housing to low or no income, adult men in northern Nevada. These men, who often become homeless as a result of their substance abuse issues and associated criminal behaviors, but demonstrate a strong desire to change their lives, are provided an opportunity for growth and change at Step 1.

Many of the men requesting supportive housing at Step 1 enter the program directly from incarceration, the streets, area treatment centers, the court system and concerned family members.

The Model

The model of supportive transitional housing provided by Step 1 is time tested and unique to northern Nevada. Structured transitional housing, combined with ASAM Level 1 Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling and peer-to-peer mentoring creates an environment for promoting responsible, pro-social values.


Each client receives substance abuse counseling to not only deal with addiction issues, but paramount is the ability for each client to learn how to become self-sufficient so that they can re-integrate back into the local community.


This program helps ensure their long-term continued success by holding each client accountable for their actions.

Step 1’s philosophy since 1993 is: “Do the next right thing.”

Not only is the work being accomplished at Step 1 invaluable to the client receiving services, but the community we all live in. In fact, 95% of the men that graduate from the program do not return to prison within the critical first year, thus saving the tax payers over 2.5 million dollars annually.