The Step 1 program, in its 25th year, is a safe, highly structured, clean and sober living environment for adult men in need of substance abuse and re-entry services.

Broad Goals

To bring forth positive change by focusing first on basic needs of the individual with accompanying addictive thinking and behaviors, eventual restoration of the individual becomes possible.

Proposed Actions

Step 1 Staff provide structure, support, and counseling during a typical 90-180 day length of stay.  All potential clients are carefully screened prior to admission to assess motivation, individual need and a desire to change, thus ensuring the highest probability of the client’s positive outcome. Results-The program is specifically designed to provide the residents with the tools and strategies necessary to accomplish long term success in areas such as:

1. Abstinence from alcohol and drugs;
2. Restoring physical/mental/emotional health;
3. Repairing parental and family relationships;
4. Teaching personal and financial responsibility;
5. Re-entry into the community in stable permanent housing;
6. Reciprocity-Giving back to the community we all live in.

Changing the Problem

Finally, the Step 1 program can and does change the problem of addiction and crime in our community by facilitating change in one individual, one parent and one citizen at a time.