Step 1 Fees

No client will be denied services based on their ability to pay. No deposits will be accepted to secure transitional living bed space. When available, Step 1 will utilize SAPTA/BHPT funds to pay for the clients transitional living expenses. However, the client will still be required to obtain employment within one to two weeks of admission.

As a client of the Step 1 Transitional Living Program, you will be given a unique opportunity. You must begin a savings account immediately.  This is mandatory. Your weekly savings amount will be in accordance with your income. This will also be contingent upon you providing verifying information. You will be required to save earnings each week and provide proof of savings with a deposit slip or by saving with the Step 1 Administrative Office. All monies saved will be returned to you upon exit.

Client savings fees will be assessed utilizing an in-house sliding fee scale. An agreement will be made during intake and the signed/initialed agreement retained in the client chart. Rates are in accordance with Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling Rates will be contingent upon client enrolling in Medicaid and/or a health insurance plan that covers behavioral health issues. Step 1 only accepts Medicaid and/or Amerigroup Insurance at this time.

All clients will be assessed for Medicaid eligibility and enrollment. If the client is covered, Step 1 staff will submit claims to the health care organization for reimbursement and payment of applicable services.

Step 1 is not presently an HPN provider. As such, should a client choose to enter our facility or seek counseling services, fees will be assessed at the 30% discounted “self-pay” rate. Or, if you do not qualify for Health Insurance, you will be expected to pay cash for your counseling fees. Prices are as follows:

  • Screening = $7
  • Initial Assessment = $98
  • Individual Session = $40/mo.
  • Group $21/week  

This program is not free.

The Step 1 Mission

“Serving the community by providing transitional housing and supportive services to adult men who have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder and who seek to re-enter society as self-sufficient, responsible fathers, individuals and citizens.”

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